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May. Purging challenge. Days 16, 17 and 18.

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Remember the closet upstairs? 30 things.. 30 THINGS were thrown from that closet over the last couple of days. I can actually walk in there. I can see the floor. I am accepting congratulations.

purging 18.2

The other 15 were old towels, bed sheets and more old clothes. And a body pillow. Oh body pillow, that thing saved me during my last months of pregnancy when good night’s sleep was becoming something more of a memory than a reality. Sleeping with it was better but it was still a challenge.. trying to turn and then having to move it with me to the other side then settling again.. fun times.

purging 18.1

There is something meditative in sorting things and throwing / donating them. So happy I decided to stick with this challenge.


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