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May. Purging challenge. Day 15.


Charlotte Bronte and Jerome. K. Jerome. Somerset Maugham and O’Henry. These are a few writers that my dad considered to be a “must-read”. There were a few dozens more but that’s what I found in my book case and these books are leaving today.

purging 15

I feel sad. Not because I am donating them but because Maya will probably be listening to audio books (like her dad) or will be reading them from an e-reader (like her mom). I still love paper books but I have to be honest with myself. Times have changed. And I am not sure I will sound convincing enough telling Maya to read “Three men in a boat”.

I will not be re-reading these books. I have a list of what I actually want to read and I do not have enough free time to read even a fraction of books that are on that list. Haruki Murakami, Kazuo Ishiguro, Diane Setterfield, Lisa Si, Hanya Yanagihara. There is no longer time and place in my life for Charlotte Bronte and Somerset Maugham.

I still feel like I am doing something sacrilegious.



2 thoughts on “May. Purging challenge. Day 15.

  1. i know the feeling but I too use an e-reader and have gotten rid of most of my books. However, I woke at 5 the other morning wondering what to do with all the travel books we have. We no longer buy these, they are too heavy and we never actually look at them once we get somewhere! Now I either use an app or print off walks/guides to places and throw them away as we go!

    • We use all sorts of apps as well when we travel. I just keep some small things like museum tickets. I surprised myself at how easy it was to donate all those books. I am never telling my dad though that’s for sure 🙂

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