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May. Purging challenge. Days 13 and 14.

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purging 14

  • 2 big light bulbs.
  • 2 small light bulbs.
  • 1 expired sunscreen.
  • 3 door stoppers.
  • 2 underwires from the old swim suit.
  • 2 old swim suits (4 pieces total).
  • 1 pair of extra padding from the old swim suit. (This list is starting to look like the poem “This is the house that Jack built” :)))))
  • 1 pair of old warm socks.
  • 1 unidentified long red piece of fabric.
  • 2 old camisoles.
  • 1 pair of tights.
  • 2 pairs of leg warmers.
  • 3 bottles of Martin’s perfume that have been standing in the cabinet for ever and he hasn’t used them a single time in 5 years that I have known him. Of course I asked him first.
  • 3 more items that I cannot remember. I was too happy to throw those things that I forgot to take a picture. Oh well.

The moral of the story – I cannot believe I have this much junk in the house!!!!!!! The fight will continue tomorrow.


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