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May. Purging challenge. Days 10 and 11.


I had a Board meeting till 10:30 last night. Writing a blog post was not even considered to be an option.

This is what is leaving my house today in a garbage bag. Papers and cassette tapes.

purging 11

Like I said, throwing out 25 pages might not seem much. But it is. It means that when we decide to move and I need to pack the house, there are 15 pages that I will not have to put in a box. They will no longer take space in my book case. I will not have to look at them and think where else can I move them so that I do not have to think about them.

Cassette tapes. They came together with a language magazine. I do not have a cassette player. I haven’t had one in ages so how am I even supposed to play them? Who will I play them for? No hesitation. All of that goes down the garbage chute. And I breathe out. My virtual weight keeps going down.


4 thoughts on “May. Purging challenge. Days 10 and 11.

  1. When we downsized 5 years ago I had gone on a 365 declutter and it was the best thing! However, 5 years later and stuff is accumulating so I am doing it again. I am also shredding papers that should never have moved with us!

    • I know, right? Even though our friends are telling us that we do not have that much stuff, it still feels like I am suffocated by all the things around me. Too many jars, towels, papers, toys, shoes, clothes, tools… Off topic, you know what Martin and I are thinking about? Buying a boat and living on a boat and possibly sailing for about 2 years. I might ask you for some tips and inside knowledge on a few places that we are planning to visit 🙂

      • That seems like a great idea, do it now!!! Any time, would love to catch up.

        I awoke early this morning and was mentally going through drawers and thinking what else could go. Like a whole $hit load of DVDs, also moved here, that have never seen the light of day.

      • This is my daily thought now 🙂 thank you for your support as other people seem to think that this is unrealistic and we are being daydreamers. I suspect they are secretly jealous as they do not have the guts to do this :)) I would LOVE to catch up over some coffee 🙂

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