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May. Purging challenge. Days 8 and 9.

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Damn this “13 reasons why”. It is too good so we end up watching two or even three episodes every evening. As a result I have to catch up with my blog the day after.

Yesterday it was a bunch of old underwear and bras. Sorry for too much information. For your own sake I will NOT be posting a picture of that. Nobody needs to see a picture of that 🙂

Today was actually very special. I am a member of a facebook group of frugal mommies and I have already given out a lot of Maya’s things there. We received a portable DVD player for Christmas that we opened and put back in the box – we have too many gadgets as it is. I have a tablet, Martin has a tablet, even Maya has a tablet (her grandpa gave her one). We have 6 laptops in the house (DO NOT ask me where they came from as I think they are multiplying at night when we are sleeping), one stationary PC, chromecast, raspberry pie, 3 phones and I am not even sure how many cameras. As you can see, the portable DVD was the odd one out that needed to go.

So I wrote a post in the group about DVD player and immediately got 12-15 interested moms. One of them stood out. She sent me a private message which is actually against the rules of the group. The interested person is allowed to send a pm only after the seller tells them too. Anyway, after I read the message I knew who to give the DVD player to.

This woman is a great aunt to a kid who was diagnozed with leukemia 3 weeks before his 7th birthday. She told me the whole story in person. She needed that DVD as a prize for a ruffle draw they are going to organize where all the proceeds will go to the family. The story was worth breaking the rules and I feel honoured to have been able to help someone who is in greater need that I have ever been in.

After I came back, I started looking through things that she might use during that event. I found a few jewelry pieces, an authentic Estee Lauder make up bag and an IKEA candle holder that is in great condition and that we haven’t used in ages. I hope she will take those things and that they can get something for them  which will help that little kid’s family. Even if it is just enough to cover parking costs at Sick Kids for a few days.

it feels amazing when decluttering turns into  something much more meaningful.


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