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May. Purging challenge. Days 6 and 7.

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Yesterday we were watching “13 reasons why” after a long battle of putting Maya to bed. When I myself finally snuggled under the comforter I realized that I completely forgot to write a post even though I made sure I took a picture of the stuff that was leaving the house earlier during the day.

I wrote about a drawer that exists in every house that is full of odd things that seem not to fit anywhere else. Well, I am sure that every household has a nook in the wall, a closet or even a room that serves exactly the same purpose – a place where the stuff goes when guests unexpectedly are coming over. We actually have three places like this – a closet right by the door with our outwear and shoes, den aka man’s cave, and a huge closet upstairs for Martin’s tools and scuba diving and skiing gear. For the den and the closet upstairs I will need Martin’s help but right now he is refusing saying that he doesn’t have time. Sigh. I still have a lot in those rooms though that I can sort through myself.

Yesterday I took out about 20-25 planks of wood from the broken bed frame, some unidentified IKEA accessories, leftover ceramic tiles that were used for our upstairs bathroom renovation, and a few other “renovation” leftovers that we are not going to use.

Now I can actually walk into the closet. There is a lot to do there still but I am optimistic as I really like how it is all going so far.

As for today, I have put aside even more clothes and wire hangers. We have enough of regular ones so I do not feel bad getting rid of them.


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