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May. Purging challenge. Day 4.

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I am having so much fun setting aside things to donate, you won’t believe it. I always thought that Martin and I do not own a lot of stuff. Clearly I was wrong as 15 things a day seem to be a drop in the ocean. But you know what? It is still better than not doing anything about it.

Today I have chosen 14 items that I am bringing to the Clothing Swap organized by one of the members of the choir I used to sing it. I did it in about 15 minutes if not less. I have no feelings of attachment to those clothes.

purging 4

I think I already said that after giving birth to Maya I haven’t been able to lose all the baby weight and this has been my struggle for a while now. I do not want to have clothes from my “previous” life when I was a certain amount of pounds lighter as then I look at myself in the mirror and I do not like what I see. They remind me of how I used to look and for some reason they do not motivate me but rather depress the hell out of me.

I have made my decision to lose weight. I am not entirely sure how I will approach that. Whatever I choose to do I am not expecting outstanding results in a matter of a month. It should be slow but hopefully this way the results will stay. I hope someone at the Clothing Swap will take my clothes and they will make someone else look good.



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