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May. Purging challenge. Day 3.

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Toys. Parents’ guilt meaning more toys. And then a few more. And then birthday. Christmas. Grandparents are coming for a visit. We are visiting grandparents. More toys. I think, the entire purging challenge might consist of me going through Maya’s and Nick’s stuff. It is actually scary.

When I was pregnant I didn’t want Maya to have too many toys. I had this picture in my head where she would have only educational wooden toys. No plastic loud nonsense. Right. I also had a picture of her sleeping through the night at the age of 3 months. Obviously, I was delusional regarding both.

We do make an effort to buy “good” toys when we do buy them. But somehow we have quite a collection of things that sing, count, pronounce letters and name shapes and do all this in more than one language. And then I see her playing with pasta and wooden bowls for half an hour. Go figure.

I will continue sorting her toys. She doesn’t need 5 rubber duckies. She hardly plays with one. She doesn’t need 20 stuffed animals. How is she supposed to learn to be affectionate to them  if she has so many? I am sure she will not even notice the disappearance of these toys. I might take them to grandparents’ house. Muahahahahaha.

purging 3


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