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May. Purging challenge. Day 2.

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I believe, every household has a drawer or two where people put things that do not “belong” somewhere else. And I am sure that the assortment of these things will be different in each household. For example, my drawer, which is in the kitchen, by the way, has pens, pencils, erasers, candies, balloons, candles, batteries, coasters, cheque books, push pins and paper clips, tab dividers, smoke alarm, bubbles, super glue, spinning top and tuner. I also have a glass bowl with a ton of small things inside but I will be sorting it tomorrow.

I am sure that the artist will not have pens and pencils in such a drawer for odd things. His pencils and pens will be nicely organized. Or maybe not. But they won’t be here. Or the household of a party organizer will not have balloons and birthday candles lying around together with batteries and smoke alarm. You get the idea.

Why I have all these things there, I have no clue. Over the years they accumulated in that drawer and now they live there. Or so they thought. Today I decided to organize that drawer and let go of a few things. This is what will be leaving my house today.

purging 2

Very random things, I know. Looking around my house I can see that I can do this challenge not just for a month but for a year. I am so far from this :(( but it inspires me and gives me even more motivation to get rid of things.


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