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March. Gratitude journal. March 30 and 31.

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Maya has had a fever of 38.5 for two days. I was with her the entire evening/night yesterday and she just fell asleep today.

Yet I am thankful. Thankful that it is nothing too too serious and I do not need to take her to the hospital. Thankful that even if I do need to take her to the hospital I am sure she will be well taken care of there. Thankful that I have enough Tylenol and Advil to last us this night. Thankful that she has a room of her own where she feels comfortable. Thankful that I can somewhat split the night duty with Martin if I manage to wake him up at night.

I am thankful that everything in my life is the way that it is. The grass is always greener somewhere else. There are bigger houses, better cars, more money. Being able to appreciate what you have is a skill and like any other skill we can work on it. After all, it is not about having much, it is about having enough, right?


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