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March. Gratitude journal. Day 28.

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I love making people laugh and I greatly appreciate those who can make me laugh.

Laughing feels so damn good. It erases doubts, fears, anxiety, negativity, anger, frustration. It helps to defuse the tension and changes the mood in a matter of a second.

I did say that I like smart humour though. The one that is smooth and to the point. But sometimes all we need is a silly joke that explodes in the air and makes everybody cry as they are laughing so hard.

I have known only a handful of people with an amazing sense of humour. They are able to crack me up all. the. time. Their humour is not at all sarcastic but warm and genuine. Even though one of my best friends does have a very sarcastic sense of humour, it is still not at all mean and it works the magic just the same.

They say that laughing prolongs life. Well, then. I guess we need to laugh more often said she and went to watch “Friends” on Netflix.





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