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March. Gratitude journal. Days 25 and 26.

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Yesterday I got caught up talking with Martin about our vacation in fall and completely forgot about writing a post. We changed our minds three million times and watched three million videos on Youtube. I think we kind of decided. Not really sure. But I am still very excited about our plans.

We are bringing my parents with us. And that leads me to what I am thankful today – health.

You know how you do not notice that you have this or that body part unless it starts hurting? Or when you have a cold and all of a sudden you cannot breath because your nose is stuffed? My dad had a very serious surgery this January. And like other parents he was hiding from me that he was sick. Actually, both of them were hiding it from me. But being able to detect a lie goes to both parents and their grown up kids. I knew something was going on. They finally broke down and told me.

I cried. I cried as if I already lost him. But he is fine. He is a fighter. But that reminded me again – we can be oh so arrogant about our future plans. Truth is, we never know. I am thankful that my family is doing ok now. My husband is healthy, my daughter is growing up just fine, my parents-in-law are doing well, my mom is very good too and my dad is healing.

Health is such a delicate thing. One day you have it, the next one you don’t.

Please, take care of yourself. And your family. Call the doctor and schedule a check-up. I am serious.


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