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March. Gratitude journal. Day 27.

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Today I am thankful for hugs.

Russians are not very touchy people. I am not sure if my dad knows how to properly give a hug, to be honest with you. Russians hug each other in extreme situations – weddings or funerals. Maybe new Pepsi or X generations have become softer and hug each other three times a day, I do not know. We do kiss friends on the cheek as a greeting but it is a different story.

Here in Canada situation is very different. “Do you want a hug?” “Come, I will give you a hug!” “I need a hug.” All of that was alien to me. I always thought that I was an exception from the stereotype about “cold” Russians but even then the amount of hugs that Martin was giving me or asking me to give him seemed pretty excessive. I kept asking him why he needed so many hugs. But then I got so used to it that now I myself ask for a hug. Unbelievable!

Hugs are awesome. There is so much comfort and support and vulnerability and openness and sincerity and softness in a hug. You feel rejuvenated after a proper hug, right? I am thankful that my husband taught me that. I am thankful that he shared all of those sides of his with me. I am thankful that my friends are great hug-givers too. And now I am giving countless hugs to Maya.

Are you sitting next to someone? Give them a hug 🙂


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