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March. Gratitude journal. March 23.

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Today I am saying thank you for the opportunity to travel.

I do not want a bigger house. I do not want a bigger car. I do not want brand clothes. I want to save money and spend it on travelling. Internationally or within Canada – doesn’t matter as long as it takes me out of the house and somewhere I have never been before.

Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Holland, Belgium, France, Cuba, Peru, Caribbean islands.. I would go back in a heart beat but I have the rest of the world on my bucket list so these places will have to wait.

Talk about first hand experiences, authentic cuisine, big and small wonders of the world, friendly and not so much people, hotels and hostels, towns and cities, mountains and oceans. Honestly, how can a house or a car compare with these?

Travelling makes you more open-minded, accepting, brave. It is like a drug, it is never enough and once at home you start planning the next adventure. People should travel more. Then, I am pretty sure, we will have much less fear in this world. As how can you be afraid of something you know? You can’t.



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