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March. Gratitude journal. Day 22.

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small things

I am thankful for small things. In the end, they make up most of our lives.

A sunny warm day after grey and cold winter. Having enough socks to match after doing the laundry. A bar of dark chocolate in the fridge. Going for a hike in summer. Sitting outside and stargazing. Being handed a peeled orange. Nailing the new recipe. Purring cat who comes to wake you up in the morning. Catching the bus or the subway the last second. Breaking that caramel layer on creme-brulee. When your husband reads your thoughts. When the two of you buy tickets for the same Cirque du Soleil performance for each other’s birthdays. Shoes that do not leak. Singing the song with your friend.. the song you thought you had forgotten. Remembering what other movies you saw that actress in. Coming home, trying on the clothes you have bought and not regretting buying them. Being able to make somebody laugh.

That’s a lot to be thankful for.



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