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March. Gratitude journal. March 14.

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slow cooker

Slow cooker. Grateful beyond words.

About a year and a half ago Maya was 5 months and I was sleep deprived. I don’t think I remember much about that time. What I do remember is that I was looking at the recipes that take about 30 min to make and then I thought to myself “How come I do not have a slow cooker?” Phone call to the husband quickly solved the problem and 3 hours later we were the happy owners of a very small and basic Crock Pot.

Best. Decision. Ever. I use it 5 times a week. I haven’t tried baking in it. Yet. I love the fact that the prep is all you need to do. Well, sometimes if I have time I do sear the meat before putting it in, other times I literally just throw everything in, close the lid and take care of the side dish. If I am making a stew, the side dish gets taken care of as well. How did I live without one?  I turn it on and go to work and come back to the burnt down house to a delicious dinner. Done and done.

One of my monthly challenges will be to try and cook a new recipe every day, and I am telling you right now I am planning on using my slow cooker a lot. You can make a soup, a stew, cake, meat that will fall off the bone.. you can adjust almost any recipe to be cooked there. Salad will probably be an exception but that’s not what we are talking here about.

My slow cooker gives me time that I do not have. And that alone is the reason to be grateful.


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