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March. Gratitude journal. Day 13.

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being me

I am grateful that I am me.

I think people are like puzzles, I even have a really cool concept for an art work that will reflect that. Maybe one day when I have time and I am no longer sleep deprived I will make it happen. But for now, I can only write about it.

I don’t think that I have said something ground breaking though. I, personally, do not believe in coincidences, that’s why I treat people and events in my life with a lot of respect. There is a reason behind every meeting, every departure, every loss. The book that we read, the movie that we watched, a friend we gained or lost, a place we traveled to.. these are all  small and big pieces that make sense only when you put them together.

Yet, I believe that we are free to make our decisions and choices. We choose whether to be happy or angry, whether to work out or sit on the couch, whether to be ourselves or adapt to the circumstances. I don’t think we know all of our “pieces”. It is a lot of work to be looking deep down, meditation helps a lot with it 🙂

I am grateful for what I have seen, what I have read, what I have done. I have only one regret in my life so far and I do not plan on increasing that number. I change and now I am learning to observe those changes from within. And again, meditation is your answer for this one 🙂 I am learning to accept myself, my weaknesses, my problems.. and truly celebrate what I have achieved.

Being me feels good. And I am grateful for that.



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