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March. Gratitude journal. Day 12.

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You know what, it is actually overwhelming how many things I have in my life I am grateful for now that I am conscious of them.

Food on the table, dishes to serve the food on, clothes and shoes to wear, a car to take me and my family places.. freedom of choice, being able to work and make a career, safety and security of my neighbourhood, city and country.. being able to travel freely and make life-long memories.. being healthy.. clean water to drink, being able to take a a shower or even a bath whenever I want, gas, electricity.. education, my teachers and professors, being able to do my research and defend PhD thesis and all the help that I got along the way.. the list is endless.

Those were a few of the big things. What about the small things like my new favourite mug that my mother-in-law bought for me? or the lavender soap that my friend gave me? or the jewelry set that my husband chose for me? or the week that my parents and my family spent last year in Tobermory? literally, everywhere I look I find things that I am or should be thankful for.

How to choose only one for a daily post when there is this multitude of small and not so small reasons to thank the universe? I am a bit lost here as every little or not so little thing deserves a post if its own.

Any ideas on how to sort this out?


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