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March. Gratitude journal. Day 8.

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Coffee. In the morning.

Get up myself, get Maya up, dress her, warm up milk for her.. shoes, hat, jacket.. “Give, mama a kiss” boil water, 1 heaping spoon of coffee, 1 spoon of sugar, milk.. granola bar or a sandwich, sit on a couch, open a favourite blog to read.. and take a first sip..

I got addicted to morning coffee here in Canada. Back home I was a tea person and never needed coffee to start the day. I was laughing at my mom who would drink boiling hot coffee simply because she couldn’t wait to take that first sip.

When I moved to Canada, I started working at a private school where EVERY MORNING I would come to the office to a pot of freshly made coffee. The smell was too good to resist so I would make a cup… The next thing I knew I was addicted and couldn’t start my day without it.

I think it is all in my head though. When I was pregnant I was drinking decaffeinated coffee. Same result. Placebo effect? Who cares. It tasted the same, that’s all that I needed.

Starbucks makes me anxious though. Every time I go there I am confused by all these options: latte, mocha, vanilla bean latte, cappuccino, mochaccino, white, flat, soy milk.. white vanilla bean flat with soy milk and.. and.. some chocolate on top.. I do not know. I am a simple girl who likes her coffee with two milks and one sugar.

Tomorrow is another day. And it is going to start with a cup of coffee. That’s for sure.



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