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March. Gratitude journal. Day 6.

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english teacher

I am thankful for literature. Nothing more and nothing less.

Short stories, novels, novellas, haiku, manga, poems, biographies, memoirs, blog posts.. I have been reading as long as I can remember myself. High school and university days were especially filled with literature. When I was reading Harry Potter at university, I would go to bed at 3 am and then hate myself in the morning for doing that and then do it all over again the next night. Now I am into manga, and guess what? Same thing. Plus the husband. And a baby.

My dad owns a huge library and this is where my obsession with books started. I hardly ever went to the school library to borrow books as we had almost all of them at home. Ancient myths, reproductions from famous art galleries, Russian classic literature, European authors, American authors, philosophers, poets, dictionaries. In the evenings the whole house was quite as four of us would be sitting and reading. Nerds you say? Oh God yes.

You can see know why I became an English teacher, right?

I swallow books. It is an addiction. I love the smell of a newly printed book. Bring me to Chapters and forget me there for a week because this is how long it will take me to choose a book and not be frustrated that I cannot buy them all. When I do not read for a long time I get withdrawn symptoms. It is really bad.

Thank you, my parents, for teaching me to read and for buying me books for my birthdays. Thank you my, literature teachers, as you taught me that the curtains are not just blue. Thank you, my students, as you taught me a lot about the books which I thought I knew well.

God,  I love reading.


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