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March. Gratitude journal. Day 2.

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Today Maya turned 2.

Should I even say that I am ever so thankful for her? Or does it go without saying?

I miss her throughout the day. I love her so much that nobody comes even close to this love. I will do absolutely anything and everything for her if needed and will not think twice before doing it.

Her birth brought me even closer with my parents as now I understand what it means holding your child when she has a fever of 39 degrees. Or hugging her after she falls down. Or sharing her joy when she is “cooking” for the monkey. Or being thrilled when she is using the potty for the first time. Or feeling touched when she says “Mama, kiss” before she goes to daycare.

I have always known that I wanted to have a child. The universe has been so very generous to give me Maya. I have said that many times and I will say it again – she is my world. I cannot imagine my life without her now. And every day this feeling becoming stronger because every day I can see changes in her. And those changes mesmerize me.

I am thankful to her for all the things that she taught me about myself. For making me a stronger and better person. I never knew I can function on so little sleep. Or that I can love so much. Or that her hug and kiss can make me the happiest mom on the planet. Or that I can laugh so much. Or that I can be proud so much of her for doing something small yet difficult.

When I look at her I know that I am never alone in this life any more.


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