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March. Gratitude journal. Day 1.

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New beginning.

This month I will be writing about things or people in my life that I am thankful for. I want this to be some kind of a reminder to myself that life is good. That universe is generous and that I have more than enough. It is going to be a reflection on myself, my life and my journey. I am actually very excited about it as I feel this month will ground me even more.

Let’s start. The very first post this month will be devoted to my parents. There is no way around it đŸ™‚

But to tell you the truth, I do not even know where to begin. They are in everything – the way I talk with Maya, the way I cook, the way I deal with money, the way I look at this world.. I got my seriousness from my dad, he hardly ever smiles. I am positive and full of energy like my mom. All three of us love reading and travelling. We love history and crossword puzzles.

They taught me that at some point in life I will have to suck it up and push. They also told me that they will have me back no matter what no matter when no questions asked. They taught me to play backgammon and checkers, my mom and I would compete against each other saying ridiculous tongue twisters, my dad would tell me stories from back in the day when he took part in archaeological excavations.

I miss them so much. Now that I have Maya I miss them even more. I have learned to appreciate everything they have given me throughout my life – gifts, lessons, hugs, stories, advice but above all their unconditional love. I am thankful to the universe for being their daughter. I cannot imagine anybody else in their place.

Hug your parents. Can’t hug them – call them. Can’t call them – think about them. I already did today.



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