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February. Meditation. Day 27.

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The party is almost over, huh?

This month went by so fast. Tomorrow will be my last day of the meditation challenge and I am very happy I did it. I cannot tell you that I have become much calmer or much more focused but I have found something new that is helping me cope with those moments when I am not calm or not focused.

I will for sure continue with this. I am not going to push myself to meditate when I am too exhausted to do anything but it feels good to know that I have some sort of an outlet, a way of adding “me time” to my busy life.

While this challenge, I was able to confirm my belief that we are all fighting our own demons and battles. Meditation is a great way of slowing down and looking at those demons from a different perspective, or even simply forgetting about them for the duration of the meditation.

Again, thank you for the support and the comments. They are greatly appreciated as they give me this extra oomph to keep going.

Please, be safe and healthy wherever you are.



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