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February. Meditation. Day 24.

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Please, don’t get me wrong.

I am all for world peace. I am proud that Justin Trudeau raised Pride flag on the parliament hill. I have friends among many races, countries and nationalities. But for the life of me I cannot listen to a guided meditation done by someone with a British accent.

I absolutely love British accent. When I meet people who have it, I start drooling and fall in love with them regardless man or woman. But it is just not working for me in meditation. I have no clue why.Honestly. And it feels like 90% of all the guided meditations out there are done by guys with this particular accent. Sigh.

I am off to listen to my meditation. Maya had 38 all day today and she has been coughing like crazy so I am not sure how the night will unfold. Keep your fingers crossed for us out there.


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