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February. Meditation. Day 23.

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How does the saying go? If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans? Well, the last few days are a proof to that.

For the longest time, I wanted Martin and I to go away somewhere. Just for a couple of days. I booked a hotel for us at Niagara Falls. Guess what? Maya had a fever of 37.8 last night and had fever all day today at daycare. I do not know if it is cold, teeth or the two together. It doesn’t really matter which one it is since the whole trip might be cancelled now šŸ˜¦

You might ask yourself, “Why am I readingĀ all this when the post is supposed to be about meditation?” Well my friends.. there is no connection. I just need to vent the frustration that I have right now. Plus I am super tiredĀ as Maya has been especially bad with her night sleep Ā over the last few days.

But wait, there is actually a connection. I wasn’t able to meditate yesterday and today while I was putting her to bed as I was too tired to look for my phone, choose meditation, plug the headphones.. Ā but I was able to do a 30 min meditation yesterday before going to bed, and I am planning on doing the same thing as soon as I finish my post.

Happy meditation to all of you.


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