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February. meditation. Day 20.

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It worked, guys, it did work!!!! I am super excited!!!!

So, if you have a child who falls asleep in your arms and if you would like to do something while you are putting this very child to bed other than looking at the clock and thinking “_________ (insert your child’s name here), you were exhausted 15 minutes ago how come you do not want to sleep now????” I have the best solution ever.

All you need to do is choose the meditation beforehand. I made a mistake and started choosing one after I turned off the light. As soon as Maya saw my phone, her level of excitement went over the roof which added extra 10-15 minutes to falling asleep. Sigh. Also, make sure that you are comfortable with the way your headphones are. For example, when Maya falls asleep, she likes putting her hand on my chest , that’s why I wore my headphones in such a way that the cord was at the back and not in the front so that she wouldn’t start playing with it.

Today was a try out and it worked. The meditation itself was meh but I chose it on the spot so I cannot complain. It also took me a few minutes to figure out how to wear headphones. But all in all it was a success and tomorrow will be even better. Did I mention that I am excited? Now I am going to do an extra one. Just because I can 🙂


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