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February. Meditation. Day 15.

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Universe is against me. I am telling you.

So I yesterday night I am ready and excited (Martin bought me new purple headphones for Valentine’s. Those who know me well know that I like purple colour. A lot. I think obsessed would be a better word :)) Anyhow, I have chosen a really good meditation, have my new headphones and.. no wifi. Wait for 30 seconds, then the video plays for another 30 seconds.. and then stops. Repeat. Arrrgggghhhh. That was the opposite of what meditation should be like! I was so angry by the time wifi was working properly that it took me sometime just to get in the mood again. And guess what? I noticed that I had fallen asleep during the meditation only when I was trying to turn and got tangled in headphones. Seriously 😦

I am going now. This is the meditation from yesterday. I am going to do it right now. Wifi is working, Maya is sleeping. Wish me luck!


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