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February. Meditation. Day 14.

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Yesterday didn’t happen.

I mean meditation didn’t really happen. Maya woke up again and by the time I put her back to sleep it was 2 am so I was in no shape to continue meditation 😦

The novelty of doing meditation every night is beginning to wear off. Or may be I am just getting really tired so that by the end of the day all I am thinking about is how to get in bed and.. fall asleep. But I am pushing myself to do at least something, even if it is 10 min only.

You see, even now as I am writing, Maya is uncomfortable and is tossing and turning in her sleep as I am watching her on the monitor.  I am blaming it on the teeth, last set of molars usually cuts around 2 year mark. It is so difficult to relax completely when I know that she might wake up or cry at any given moment. I feel like I have a stretched spring inside my stomach, and when Maya cries it releases inside of me and then I have no willpower to go back to meditation.

This is life and I do not always have perfect 20 minutes of meditation. But I am honestly trying. I am.


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