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February. Meditation. Day 12.

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Today I did something different.

Yesterday my husband and I worked out together. And today he suggested that we do yoga together. I opted for stretching. And God was I ever happy with my decision.

Martin does P90X (a killer work out) almost every day and this stretching routine is from the same program. I did it once with him and it felt amazing. So I thought why not kill two birds with one stone – work out and meditate. I made sure that during the entire hour I was focusing on two things: instructions and breathing. Now I am sitting here feeling great both emotionally and physically 🙂

Another mental note to myself – meditation doesn’t have to be done before bedtime in a dark room lying down. It can be done during other circumstances as well. Me putting Maya to bed for the last two years actually is meditation. We have the white noise going (a sound of the stream in the forest) and a CD with lullabies (just music without any words). And recently I have been choosing to close my eyes and just breathe. I have noticed that when I am very calm, she falls asleep better and faster, which is a great bonus 🙂

I still might do a short 10-minute meditation for relaxation tonight as it has already become a part of my routine. Who would have thought that I would become so addicted to meditation 🙂

Have a good time of the day where ever you are!



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