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February. Meditation. Day 10.

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Why didn’t I do it earlier? Meditation, that is.

It is Friday night and it is not an emergency? It can wait till Monday. It is the resident who has already told me their story at least 5 times and it looks like he is going to do it again? Let me get comfortable in my chair for the next 15 minutes while I am going to listen to him. It is my daughter who I have been putting to bed for 2.5 hours? I am breathing in and out, and hug her even closer.

Guys, I am a different person, I am telling you. Well, maybe not entirely and maybe not that much different but I am enjoying this newly found patience and calmness. I am also trying to focus on positive things that are happening in my life now.

All in all, I am glad that I have decided to challenge myself like that. This is what I am going to listen to in about 5 minutes.




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