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February. Meditation. Day 9.

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My progress so far:

  • 10 minutes is no longer enough as I want more of that state of mind and the way that my body feels during meditation.
  • I sleep much better. Except for last night when Maya woke up at 5 am and had a hard time falling back asleep. I know that it has nothing to do with meditation, I am just venting 🙂
  • I am somewhat calmer during the day.
  • I am able to stay to myself “I will deal with it tomorrow” when I receive a work email notification in the evening and focus on tickling Maya.

Last couple of nights I have been listening to meditations created by a different person. There is one phrase that I particularly like, “Feel the weight of your body being completely supported. You are supported. And you are ok.” I can interpret this phrase in so many different ways, and I like every single one of those ways.

I think, I have said on this blog before that I am an extrovert. I used to be an extreme extrovert to a point where I wasn’t able to enjoy a movie or a coffee on my own. Things have changed over the last few years, and now I am ok being by myself. I still prefer a company but quite often I like sitting on my couch and reading or watching something by myself. This feeling is still very new to me though and I am sure I have a lot to discover about myself in years to come.

So this phrase about support somehow validated my desire to be on my own and still be myself and still enjoy time spent. It sorts of puts together the support that I get from my friends and family and the support that I am giving myself right now while devoting time to meditation or simply to myself. You know what I mean?

I feel supported and I am ok. And it feels good. It actually feels great.

Thank you for being with me on this journey.


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