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February. Meditation. Day 8

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That is me on the weekend šŸ™‚ but now to serious stuff.

I didn’t like yesterday’s meditation.

I mean, it is probably good for those who are feeling very anxious at that very moment but I wasn’t so I changed it half way. I found a couple of good ones and I liked the idea of a special breathing technique that was suggested in one of them.

When feeling anxious, you shouldn’t be trying to suppress or hide those feelings. Rather you should focus on something else, like breathing, and let those emotions fade away on their own. The breathing technique is basically focusing on how the air is entering the nose, the cool sensation that it brings with it, and then how it is leaving the body, again through the nose be being warm at this time. You shouldn’t try and control your breathing, just let it be the way that it wants to be. Focus on feeling the air coming and going through the nose. I will try and do it next time I am anxious.

I am definitely sleeping much better now that I am meditating before going to bed. And I wake up more restored.

I have had a very long day today. So I am off to meditate and get some good zzzzz.





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