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February. Meditation. Day 3.

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One more thing to add to the list of distractions – a husband who is working out downstairs. I feel, at this rate, very soon a husband will be classified as a distraction period 🙂

This time around meditation was a bit easier. I was aware of all the thoughts that were going to appear in my head and the tension that is reluctant to leave my body, so I just focused on breathing. I was lying in bed, with my eyes closed, looking “inside” where the third eye is supposed to open up after a month of meditation :)) and breathing. That’s it.

I wasn’t stressing out that the tension was still present in some parts of my body. I think, it is kind of absurd to be stressing out while meditating, but this is what I was doing the first time. I wasn’t trying to be perfect, I was simply breathing. And it felt more natural, and I was calmer, and I slept better.

What I remember the most from the first day of meditation is to focus on now. Things will figure themselves out later or tomorrow this way or another. I think, this concept still hasn’t sunk in but once it does it will help to let go of some of the tension and anxiety for sure.

Tonight I will be listening to this.



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