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February. Meditation. Day 1.

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All I know about meditation at this point is that there are guided meditations on Youtube, and that even then it is very difficult “to turn off” the voices in my head mind chatter.

I will start with this. Martin and I found this channel when we both had a hard time falling asleep. We decided to listen to a guided meditation to be able to relax before bedtime. I enjoyed it a lot. Today I will listen to this one.

I also want to try something else where I do not necessarily need to listen to a person telling me to relax and let go. If you know of any meditation practices or guided meditations or any other useful resources, I would be forever grateful 🙂

Ultimately, I would like to create a habit of meditation. Just like about anything, it needs time and practice. I think our lives are so fast-paced that I need to consciously “push” the pause button and allow myself to meet my inner-self. I am sure meditation will  help me be more focused, calm, balanced, relaxed. I will start with doing it before going to bed and see if I can add this practice in the morning before starting my day as well.

Well, here we go – the beginning of the next 30-day challenge which hopefully will lead me to a transformation. It doesn’t have to be a significant one 🙂 any small positive change is already a huge success for me.


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