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January. Conflict resolution seminar.Day 27.

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One of my problems is that I do not know when to stop.

When I am doing a research I get interested in everything related to the topic, and then I spend too much time on research itself and hardly have any time to pick and choose the important stuff to organize it. It is happening again!

I have ONLY 2 hours for my seminar, yet I have enough material to teach it for a week and I still feel that I need more. Someone, please, unplug the computer, turn off the wifi and tell me that I am done putting it together. Now, that I have finished my PowerPoint presentation, I need to put together what I am going to say about each slide. The teacher and the perfections in me are giving me a really hard time 😦


I am going to make this seminar very interactive. People who I will be teaching it to have a lot of experience of dealing with different people (unit owners, contractors, superintendents, Board members), so they will be able to provide me with great scenarios that could be role-played there and then.

I believe, that important things do not have to be boring. Whenever I was planning a lesson, I would ask myself “Would you enjoy it yourself?” If the answer was yes, I knew that it was going to be a very successful class. Hopefully, I will be able to do it this time as well.

If you are interested in conflict resolution or effective communication, please, feel free to ask me. You know that questions and comments are always welcome 🙂



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