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January. Conflict resolution seminar. Day 19.

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I am putting together a PowerPoint presentation for my seminar AND posting every day in this blog. Initially, I thought that I will be blogging about the presentation. However, it happened so that the things that I add to the PowerPoint are not necessarily the same that I am writing about here because I do not think you will be interested to know what colour I chose for the background or what font I prefer to use for my heading. It is a lot of work when you think about it.

Anyway, I am done with venting and ready to get back to telling you about different options in the conflict.

Imagine a situation. You are on a bus. You are tired after a long day. Suddenly, someone sits next to you and start chatting you up. You are not in the mood and you are trying to tell the person in a very nice way, of course, that you would rather be left alone. But the person is actually becoming even more pushy to a point where you are ready to change the seat or get off the bus.

If you do change your seat or get off the bus, it means you have chosen to avoid the conflict. It is called withdrawing.

Withdrawing strategy is usually used when you do not share neither: relationship or goal with another person. It is often used in a short-term relationship where it is clear that neither your concerns or concerns of the other party will be satisfied. We use this strategy when the issue is of low importance and is not worth the effort.Or when you would have to put unreasonable effort to get your interests met.

The use of this strategy can gain you more time. It also gives you an opportunity to focus on more pressing matters at hand. However, by using it too often you can create an impression of a passive-aggressive person and some important decisions can be made without your input.





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