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January. Conflict Resolution Seminar. Day 12.

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The struggle is real.

I have been having a really bad headache all day today because of the what is happening with the weather. I honestly thought that the spring has come today but apparently the temperature is dropping again. Ugh. All this makes me feel old.

But back to the challenge. Today I was reading and writing about multiple reasons behind conflicts. It is absolutely impossible to name a few but while I was reading an article on it, one of those reasons stood out – differing viewpoints and expectations and perceptions.

I cannot tell you how many conflicts I have had in the past because of my unmet expectations. Because of the little scenarios in my head that my partner/friend/family member were unable to read and bring to life. Because of the difference in how people see the same situation. Because of people having different values than me. I can go on and on.

Unmet expectations hurt. They make you feel disappointed. They make you feel like people around you do not know you and do not understand you. They make you feel lonely. They make you even lose trust in people.

I do not have a piece of advice for you here. What has helped me in the past is actually discussing my expectations. Put them out there in the open and talk about them. At least then you have done your fair share of giving people a good idea of what you want and what you expect of them and from them.

I am still figuring this one myself.






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