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January. Conflict Resolution Seminar. Day 11.

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Today I was writing a part of the seminar devoted to assumptions. It is a very small part but I believe it to be very important.

Assumptions can have quite a negative effect on the communication that we are having with other people. Unfortunately, we routinely  draw conclusions that are based on assumptions that operate at an unconscious level. Very, very often the assumptions are wrong causing misunderstanding and inaccuracy in the conversation.

I remember making a conscious effort not to make any assumptions when I was a teacher. After a few years of teaching, you start getting this feeling of “I have seen it all. It must be this and nothing else.” And I remember being wrong about my students. And I remember being ashamed that I allowed myself to think that.

Now I am working with adults, but the concept is still the same. People are different. Yes, there are definitely similarities between situations and characters. But they are still very different. Only because somebody belongs to the same race or gender or age group doesn’t automatically makes them A, B, or C. Ans I have learned it the hard way.

I really hope that I will be able to teach this seminar to a lot of people. But even if not, I would like to believe that what I have to say to them will make them think. Even for a little bit. Or will make them better people. Even a little bit. Or will do both. And then I will be happy.


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