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January. Conflict Resolution Seminar. Day 10.

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I was very lucky to get into an amazing program at university which was called “Character for kids”. That program meant a big deal to me as it gave me the confidence in my decision to become a teacher and later one provided necessary materials for my PhD which was on effective communication and conflict resolution.

When a few months ago I became a property manager, I wasn’t sure if I was going to miss teaching or not. Now I know that I do. A lot. I like what I do now but standing in front of a class gave me that unique feeling that I haven’t been able to get here just yet.

I was going to work one day, and I was thinking of how to use my knowledge of conflict resolution, my love for teaching, and property management. That’s when the idea was born – a seminar for property managers on positive communication and conflict management.

I have quite a few ideas and activities for that already because of the program that I was in and the PhD. I also know that I want to make it as interactive as possible. People who work in property management deal with people from all walks of life and have various situations where they need to use their negotiating/mediating skills, so the seminar has to be full of practical advice, role-playing, discussions where they can learn from one another.

My biggest worry is that as usual I am digging too deep and want to include materials that will be enough for an entire week whereas the goal for now should be a “short version” for a couple of hours – 1 hour for effective communication and 1 hour for conflict resolution.

I am almost done gathering materials and will need to start organizing them  soon. Good thing is that I know what the structure of both hours should look like so I feel quite confident that by the end of January I will have my seminar ready. Yay 🙂




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