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30-day challenges

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As if I didn’t have my hands full already, I decided to challenge myself because why not.

I was sitting on my couch reading people’s blogs about New Year resolutions and I remembered the Ted Talk that I once watched. This is the link to it. The basic idea is that 30 days are going to pass whether you want it or not so why not fill them with something meaningful, fun and challenging.

I tried doing it a couple of years ago but having a newborn in the house is quite a challenge on its own, let me tell you. Now that she is sleeping through the night, well, most of the time, and I am not that much sleep deprived any more, I have realized that I need to shake myself up. I need to do something other than cooking, cleaning, working and taking care of the baby. I need growth. I need development. I need change. 30 days isn’t too long to get tired of the challenge yet long enough to feel some sort of accomplishment.

I asked amazing moms on the Facebook group ETYM (East Toronto Young Mothers) to give me some ideas and here is the list of what I am planning on doing this year. Each of these ideas will be worked on/brought to life EACH and EVERY day of the month that will be devoted for that activity. I haven’t decided yet which one of those I am going to do as some of them need a little bit of planning ahead.

  • Finish my Conflict Resolution seminar for property managers.
  • Meditate.
  • Sort and organize personal pictures.
  • Scrapbook my daughter’s first year.
  • Do something for myself.
  • Do something for others.
  • Declutter the house (throw out/donate 10 things each day).
  • Work out.
  • Try cooking new recipes and organize old ones.
  • Chose a word for one month and draw inspiration from it each day of that month.
  • Wear 33 items of clothing including accessories, shoes and underwear.
  •  Keep a gratitude/happiness journal.

Since January already started, I have decided to work on my Conflict Resolution Seminar for Property Managers as I have quite a few things ready for it.

I hope that writing about it will keep me motivated and accountable. So please leave comments, encouragements as I go through each challenge.


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