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Hello. I am a SAHM and my 5 month daughter doesn’t STTN.


I guess, it is time I blow the dust off this blog and try to start over again. As much as my daughter lets me.

When I just became pregnant over a year ago I had million questions. Oh, I have an itch here. Does it mean something bad??? I was paranoid, sort of. Since I have an overwhelming need to be in control of literally everything, I was trying to make sure that I stayed on top of everything. That’s when I started reading some of the discussions on different forums and at first I was “What? What language are you speaking, people?” Because what I read definitely needed some serious decoding. It was something like that, “My LO is 3 months and my DH helps me with him all the time as I am busy with our DD who is 4.” Let me translate that for you, LO means Little One, and DH is Dear Husband, and DD is Dear Daughter as some of you might have guessed by now. I don’t remember most of the abbreviations, these are just the ones that got stuck.

So I thought I knew it all. Ha. Recently I came across what you see in the title of this very post. But you see, the more you read the better you are at decoding. Can anyone guess what those two words mean? Without googling the answer? well, how would I know, right πŸ™‚

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I am alive and mostly well and that I will try and write about my life. Like I intended from the beginning. And then I didn’t have time. And then I became a mom and understood the meaning of the phrase “I don’t have time”.

Stay tuned. And don’t forget to leave the comment with your guess. I don’t have anything to give away for the right guess. But maybe one day I will be a top blogger and will have my own stuff. Or companies will be sending me stuff to review and write about it. For now I will just say “Awesome guess. We have a winner!” which is pretty cool on its own. For us nerds.




2 thoughts on “Hello. I am a SAHM and my 5 month daughter doesn’t STTN.

  1. Stay At Home Mom & Sleep Through The Night! πŸ™‚

  2. Well, I guess we have a winner. Lisa, Congratulations!!!! I was kind of hoping for more comments and ideas.. but oh well πŸ™‚ I am sure you have been on as many websites related to pregnancy and sleep training as I have πŸ™‚

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