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I have decided to take a break from getting pregnant. I feel like it has consumed me; the thought of it is making me anxious and not happy. It is wrong. Martin and I have so many other things to figure out right now that a month or two-month break is not going to hurt. I know, there is never “right time” to have a child, there will always be other things to figure out, I am just tired of being disappointed and sad. I am focusing on learning to drive, my job, my relationship with my husband, reading books that I didn’t have time for, cooking new dishes (I will do my best to post an AMAZING recipe for breakfast these days), my choir, our one-week vacation in Barcelona with my parents. Life is good. 


3 thoughts on “Break

  1. They say when you stop giving it too much thought, you’ll get knocked up right away 🙂 Worked with me!
    On a serious note, being constantly disappointed and sad is getting you further away from a healthy state of mind that you probably would like to have if you get pregnant.
    Have fun in Barcelona! Lots and lots of pictures demanded 🙂

    • Thank you, Luba 🙂 It took me only a year, duh, to realize that stressing out ISN’T going to help. Moreover, there are so many options available if we do have a problem. I am taking it easy now and planning our trip 🙂

  2. Good for you! It will happen.

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