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Date night

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Picture was taken from this website.

My husband and I make a lot of effort to go on a date every Wednesday night. I am sure, it is not a secret that marriage or any other type of a serious relationship requires work. Why not make this work enjoyable? Sometimes we cook together and watch a movie at home. Sometimes we go to a new restaurant. Sometimes we discover a new place like this one – SPiN.

SPiN is a place where you can play ping pong. Some of you might say, “What? Ping pong for a date night?” It is so much fun! You get one hour and a BUCKET of orange ping pong balls. People who work there have a really cool device to pick up the balls from the floor and put them back into your bucket. All you have to do is play ping pong. No bending, no looking for that jumpy ball… unless you want to work out. Easy, right?

We loved it. Last time I played ping pong was in grade 4. But muscle memory is amazing and I was able not only hit the ball but also do it with some sort of grace. Or maybe I am just delusional regarding my ping pong skills. Anyway, you can have snacks, drinks, sit down if you are tired, spend time at the bar, and, of course, play ping pong. Nobody cares if you are a pro or if you have never held a racket in your hands. Just come and have fun. I promise you, you will.


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