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Lest we forget..


Picture was taken from this website.

Yesterday was Victory Day, May 9th, which is, probably, one of the most important holidays for me and for so many other people. My family alone lost at least  6 people in the Second World War. We don’t know where they were buried, what happened to them, all we know is that they died or went missing.  

Today I found a website created by a group of people called “Memorial”. These volunteers are still going to battlefields, and dig, and find, and let the families know. I was able to find almost all of my relatives, the dates of their deaths. It felt very strange to be looking at the names of my granduncles, uncles, their dates of birth and death on a scanned lined paper written by somebody 80 years ago. These online documents were some sort of consolation as they confirmed that members of my family did fight in that terrible war, and that they died but their names will be a part of history forever.

The picture above is the statue of Mother Russia in my home city Volgograd. There is a memorial complex devoted to the Second World War. You can find more info about it here. You can change the language at the bottom of the webpage.


2 thoughts on “Lest we forget..

  1. Welcome!!! I am adding you to my Bloglovin’ so I don’t miss an update.

    We were in Moscow in 2011 for Victory Day and it was the most amazing sight!!

  2. Jackie, it is a big deal back home, especially for my home city, which I am sure you know, used to be called Stalingrad and where the famous Stalingrad battle happened. I remember being a kid and going to Mamaev Hill and listening to all the stories. You can’t help being in awe at what people had to go through. I appreciate your comment as so many people today have such a negative opinion about Russia.

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